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How BIM helps MEP consultants raise project performance

MEP consultants require a spatially directed layout or design that meets client requirements. BIM helps MEP consultants to maximize use, stay cost efficient, and deliver long-lasting designs for MEP systems.

MEP consultants play an important role in creating the groundwork to plan and design MEP systems, generate policies, inspect processes, evaluate tools, and adopt best practices to create optimum MEP systems. MEP design engineers play a crucial role in building transformation regarding overall performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Based on a global forecast, the projected growth of BIM is set to reach $7.6 billion in 2022.

Complex, demanding, and fast-track MEP design, manufacturing, and installations face challenges that come from the use of legacy techniques and tools. Hand-drawn sketches or data-deficient 2D drawings create serious obstacles for MEP consultants. BIM services for MEP consultants and MEP engineers has proven to be a high-impact tool for MEP consultants in overcoming these serious challenges and achieve optimal MEP planning, design, and installation.

In this article, we discuss the top benefits of BIM for MEP consultants which help them in achieving MEP outcome benchmarks in projects that require renovation, retrofitting, or are completely new.

Common project challenges faced by MEP consultants

  • Inefficient MEP planning and design leading to manufacturing deficiencies and onsite clashes.

  • Inaccurate and data-deficient technical advice for installation and maintenance of MEP systems creating onsite problems.

  • Absence of best practices, standards, inspection workflows, and QC tools encouraging quality drops in MEP systems.

  • Erroneous cost estimates of MEP systems and components causing budget overruns and project delays.

  • Greater administrative load based on 2D references generating problems including incomplete reviews and clarifications, inaccurate material proposals, and lower onsite safety.

Benefits of BIM for MEP consultants

Efficient planning, design, and installation helps in accurate MEP manufacturing and installation

2D drawings, hand-drawn sketches, or intuition-driven planning and design degrade performance of MEP systems. HVAC systems, Heating, and cooling components, piping elements, fire protection systems, or environmental engineering require coordinated and clash-free systems for optimal MEP performance. By using the power of BIM-driven techniques and tools, MEP consultants can visualize every MEP component or system in 3D space for efficient planning and design.

Manufacturing and installing spatially accurate MEP systems is achieved through informed decision-making. The selection process to install the right equipment requires preemptive planning and design. Coordinating on a single 3D BIM model encourages quick clash-resolution to reduce rework, mitigate onsite clashes, and reduce project delays. Parametric modeling ensures all the changes are applied to the MEP objects in the 3D model in real-time to eliminate onsite confusion.

3D MEP modeling for a commercial construction project in the USA makes installation quicker and hassle-free.

A commercial construction project from the USA required MEP BIM modeling solutions. PDF files of MEP drawings were provided by the client to achieve the final deliverables. Hitech CADD Services transformed the PDF files into a coordinated and clash-free MEP BIM model using Revit MEP.

mep 3d modeling

The coordinated 3D BIM model enabled the client to achieve improved insights, save significant time, and facilitate quick and easy field installation.

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Accurate and data-driven technical advice reinforced by coordinated and clash-free 3D models promotes improved MEP insights

MEP consultants need to provide crucial advice to stakeholders for efficient planning and design of MEP systems. Providing technical specifications is not possible through 2D, but requires 3D visualization from coordinated and clash-free 3D BIM models.

The presence of a coordinated 3D model enhances design accuracy and eliminates the guesswork. Optimization of energy-efficient designs through virtual simulations reduces energy consumption and maximizes performance.

Software-driven BIM techniques enable clear visualization of how MEP systems can be accommodated in a unified space. Preemptive technical advice provided during pre-construction reduces rework, saves time, and reduces costs.

Presence of collaborative workflows, QC tools, and adherence to global MEP standards produce high-quality deliverables

With BIM, MEP consultants can fuel collaboration within various trades. Coordinating efforts between designers, engineers, GCs, and owners from start to finish enables projects to run efficiently and smoothly.

Advanced QC tools like Navisworks and other 3D model-audit platforms make sure there are fewer or no last-minute changes or errors to finish projects within budget and timelines. Automation tools like Dynamo support quick 3D modeling to reduce repetitive tasks and improve data validity in the model, while Revit libraries induce component customization and standardization of MEP systems.

Production of accurate cost estimates from 3D BIM models enriched with 5D cost techniques and tools

3D BIM models carrying advanced cost estimation (5D) techniques and tools improve cost forecasting. BOQs, BOMs, shop drawings, and other deliverables extracted from 3D models ensure lower material waste to improve cost metrics. Achieving accuracies in producing cost estimates improves the project bottom line by reducing budget overruns and project delays.

MEP BIM modeling at LOD 500 helps the client garner higher ROI for a University Hospital Project in Saudi Arabia.

Hitech CADD Services undertook a large University Hospital project in Saudi Arabia. The client required MEP BIM modeling solutions to create a coordinated 3D BIM model at LOD 500. 2D drawings provided by the client were converted to a coordinated and clash-free 3D BIM model at LOD 500 using AIA standards.

MEP BIM Modeling for University Building

The coordinated and clash-free 3D BIM model helped the client to reduce rework and risks, achieve accurate material takeoffs, improve scheduling, save construction time, and streamline field activities. MEP BIM modeling also helped the client receive a greater ROI.

Read the case study >>

Reduction in administrative load based on 3D visualization to strengthen processes, and achieve greater onsite performance

MEP consultants can leverage optimized construction processes and lower change order management by streamlining collaboration channels and lowering potential confusion. Storing and accessing BIM deliverables through a single source of truth lowers the administrative load of managing physical documents. Accessing a data-rich 3D model reduces RFI creation and promotes submittal management for higher onsite productivity and performance.

Final Words

Present-day AEC stakeholders need accurate MEP deliverables, efficient construction, and smarter workflows – and they need them quickly. With such a tall order in place, MEP consultants need to turn to BIM services to utilize holistic techniques integrated with tangible software-driven tools.

As BIM allows 3D problems to be evaluated with 3D tools, it makes the design-build process easier through comprehensive collaboration. Whether MEP consultants shift to BIM to fulfill client requirements or adopt BIM workflows to work more efficiently, the outcomes would always be positive.

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Harika Singh is an academician and published writer. Her passion for engineering and technology reflects in the in-depth coverage she provides on technology trends. 20 years of work association with institutes of repute across India and the US positions her to provide valuable insights to business stakeholders on achieving scalability and operational efficiencies through digitalization.

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