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Ansible for Beginner - Step by Step Full Guide


Hello and welcome to this Course on Ansible for Beginners. My name is Hitesh Jethva and I am a technical writer, author, and Solution Architect. I have been using Ansible for Automation in my solutions and it is a great tool that is easy and can save your lot of time. This is a hands-on beginner guide to Ansible.

When I start learning with Ansible first of all I could find was the Ansible documentation which we will look through and I had to have access to a system with Ansible installed on it to do and understand various concepts.

Some of the concepts took a little bit of time for me to get around so I put together this course for the absolute beginner. You really don’t need to have access to a system with Ansible or any environment setup to learn Ansible.

Well! It is always good to have and would strongly recommend to set up a real system to put your knowledge into action.

So how exactly does this course work? This course contents lectures on various topics followed by some coding exercises where you will practice writing Ansible playbooks. You will be developing Ansible playbooks for different use cases which will give you an idea on how to start developing using Ansible and get a lot of things done in a short amount of time and make your work more productive.

What Should I know?

This course is designed for beginners to help them understand the basics of Ansible. Basic knowledge on Linux, Networking, Command-line will be an additional help. Before you start doing practice with several examples given in this course, it is being assumed that you have hands-on experience with running commands into a Linux shell. This will help you the Ansible tasks in a better way.


  • Three fresh servers with CentOS 7/ 8 operating system installed.
  • One for Ansible Controler and two for Ansible Target.
  • A root password is set up on all servers.

Course Contents

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