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WooCommerce Checkout issues: 6 most common ones and effective solutions you need to know

Checkout is the final step of the buying and selling process. However, it seems to be the most important factor that directly affects sales and customer experience. That’s why fixing any WooCommerce Checkout issues is crucial and urgent.

And now, before examining the most common issues, let’s have a brief look at WooCommerce Checkout!

Top 6 most common WooCommerce Checkout issues and simple solutions

1. Login process

Many customers have met this problem. Even though they have logged in since the beginning, customers still have to redo the process when purchasing. In other words, it is called session replays. As a result, they have to select the items from the start, which creates a bad shopping experience.

Another case is that they tend to forget their password and eventually drop out of shopping. Sometimes, your selling websites make buyers re-type the password that they already save into your system. Never give customers high expectations and then crush it! Therefore, you should pay close attention to the login system and login process monthly to solve these WooCommerce Checkout issues.

2. Unavailable product

Let’s imagine spending 30 to 40 minutes to pick out the most suitable products. It takes you so long because you need to carefully choose the style, size and color but still within your budget. Satisfied, you click ‘Purchase’ with the hope to have a brand-new favorite product. However, until that moment, ‘Product unavailable’ appears. Isn’t it annoying? Especially if retailers make these types of mistakes once or twice, you will awfully fail customers’ trust and reduce store’s revenue.

For that reason, again, check all the product related processes before launching it! Review all the plugins, extensions and themes! Yet, we truly recommend professionals like ArrowHitech to inspect all the Checkout issues. It is the most cost-effective solution that assures no future problems.

3. Redirection to empty cart

This is a fairly similar situation to the above issue. However, it is mostly due to retailers’ incompatible hosting. In particular, stores that enabled ‘force https on checkout’ are more likely to meet this obstacle.

If so, the issue could be caused by a PHP security module called Suhosin. The solution is simple: just paste the following code in the server’s PHP settings:

To work out any redirecting Checkout issues, WooCommerce also has their own suggestion that you can refer to right here.

4. Loading review order

It is alright to let the customer wait for a few seconds. Still, you cannot make them wait for some minutes just for the Checkout page. Needless to say, they will immediately leave your store and hardly ever come back.

This situation is normally caused by a plugin or template conflict. To fix these Checkout issues, you will need to check compatibility with all plugins installed and update any outdated WooCommerce templates.

5. False payment option

Sometimes, customers cannot buy the items due to your store’s setting. It means that their payment method is not included in your options. This is why we suggest covering as many forms of payment as possible.

False payment option leads to a bad customer experience!
Moreover, if your store doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, mistakes can occur. What is SSL and how it works? WooCommerce official sites also provide SSL introduction and SSL Q&As for you to resolve the Checkout issues.

6. Unknown error

This is the most difficult one to fix because each store may encounter unique problems. It can be information or shipping error, or it can be caused by false plugins, outdated systems or hosting. In short, unknown errors are dangerous and not easy to fix. Thus, we advise you to ask for the help of experts to thoroughly clear up any WooCommerce Checkout issues.

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