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Check list to avoid scam for Freelancer

When I working as a Freelancer, I saw a job on a Freelancer site, they just say on the description that if anyone wants to work with them, then send them an email to get job descriptions. I emailed them and got their feedback on the next day, and we have a few more conversations, then they asked me for estimation, I replied then they accepted without asking for more details. After that, they ask me to send them the relative person in the USA in order to receive money for me.

They bring another person, they called them as their private consultant, he/she will send me the material (logo, image artwork to create a website). Not sure where he/she is living but they said he/she cannot receive money on PayPal or credit card.

I asked my friend in the USA and send them relative person info, but after that, I had a feeling, something wrong with this job, it is really odd. I discuss it with my US friend to get their advice. After some conversations, my friend asked some questions and help me realized that this is a SCAM.

Below are some messages from my friends asking me about the work.

This doesn’t sound legitimate. Why can’t they pay the other person directly? I’m not comfortable accepting and distributing money like this. Also, the email is very odd. You haven’t actually given her any details around the exact estimate and yet they are moving forward? Something isn’t right here.

Unfortunately, there are many people scamming out there. I feel like this could be some sort of scam or way for this person to pay someone without directly transferring the funds to them. Using us as a middle man. That could get us into a lot of trouble.

Finally, I replied back and said that I cancel this job and they disappeared, no response so far after weeks.

So when you try to bid any work, pay attention to some points as below, it will help recognize and avoid scam that will bring troubles, even lose your money:

  • Sender information: is the name spell correctly or check the email address, is that good? You can search by email address and you may see some posts about scam relates to that email address.
  • Project description: are they provide a valued description, deadlines or more specific information?
  • Check the payment option they prefer and never accept cashier's checks as payments

You can also read this post, it describes exactly my situation and helped me to avoid a SCAM. I hope it can help you too.

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