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Discussion on: Is a coding Bootcamp worth it for experienced programmers?

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I did have the opportunity to learn new skills and there are really valuable, they helped me to grow technically, but that does not mean that I know everything about programming.
Learning new stuff for me was and is not difficult, the issue is the fact that if I do not apply to practice it is fast forgotten, and sadly what I was interested in learning and I was learning was not directly applicable for my job. For example, I am really interested in machine learning and I did a few courses I had a decent understanding of it, but because I did not use it at work it was not growing anymore, you will say why not apply it to personal projects? valid point, when you have a family, a child, and a demanding full-time job, personal projects do not get the attention deserved, they are left for the next day and the next day priorities change, because at work is a new project that needs all hands-on, etc.
Trust me, when you become a parent your time will be one of your most valuable assets and you will try to do anything possible to save time and energy.
What I am trying to say is not that I would not have been able to learn what I was interested in, I would definitely accomplish that, my primary factor was time and energy saving. I agree that there are a lot of great courses out there that are awesome, but I also know myself that because is a self-paced course I will leave it for the next day and the new day might result in shift priorities.
In regards to networking, I have a decent connection with a lot of developers, I might add probably much better than any programmer, and I am not stopping here, I am always looking for growing my social capital.
I hope this makes sense.

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When you put it that way it makes sense tbh, as I said I don't have kids so I can't relate at all. Regardless, if you know what you're doing no matter what it is you're doing you'll end up where you want to get.

It's fascinating how you're documenting your journey, pretty sure it will inspire moms like you to follow their dreams despite the hardships! Good luck :)

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I only hope that more people have the support and opportunity to follow and try to fullfill their potential. Thank you!

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