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Auditting for IPC 144 Project

In Release 03 of the Open source course, I had a chance to work on IPC 144 project that helps improve and maintain the IPC144 course's notes. I was working on auditing and editing the page.


Prof. David has listed issues that should be checked and edited to ensure the markdown page looks well. I simply followed the guide, and I improved the page by:

  • Fixing typos and Markdown syntax
  • Fixing Frontmatter metadata
  • Adding inter-site links to other pages that have related info
  • Adding alt text on images
  • Improving page's Accessibility

There were some requirements I have not fixed on this page, such as centring images horizontally or making sure images work in dark and light modes. I feel like these requirements/issues should be set up globally instead of locally so the project will have a consistent style throughout all pages.


I also got some reviews from my classmate to improve my PR. Thank you, guys, for taking the time to review it. It could not complete without your recommendations.
Finally, my Pr is merged, and this task helps me learn more about Docusaurus, LightHouse tool, and Web accessibility.

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