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My IME setup for Windows 10

It has been a huge pain for me to type Chinese in Windows 10. And it was the main reason I dislike Windows 10.

The problem is that I am used to switch between English & Chinese input methods by typing Ctrl + Space. This went way back from Windows 95, or even Windows 3.1

But suddenly it changed in Windows 10. You'll have to use Ctrl + Shift to switch between input methods, and Ctrl + Space became disable/enable the method.

What I'd like to have is the following:

  1. English as the default input methods, no matter which window I go.

  2. Use Ctrl + Space to switch between English & Chinese input methods.

With the default Windows 10 setting, I could only get one of these:

  1. Default English, use Ctrl + Shift to switch.

  2. Default Chinese, use Shift or Ctrl + Space to switch to English

None of these satisfied me and I don't really want to adopt myself to get use to it.

I used lots of workarounds before, but today I believe I found the perfect solution: autohotkey + regedit.

For autohotkey, I have these two settings in a ime.ahk file.


And put this into startup folder so it could be loaded on boot.

But this script sometimes failed, and my IME will be disabled. I'll have to suspend the autohotkey script and restore it, turn the script back up.

So here comes the second fix: disable the original Ctrl + Space.

Follow the instruction here, use regedit and disable this keybinding.

Finally I can type normally in Chinese on Windows 10.

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