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RTL support lands in Bootrstrap and Bulma

On 7 June 2020 Bulma v0.9.0 was released and while I always wanted the spacing helpers it introduced, what I was most excited about is the RTL support!

Shortly after, Bootstrap 5 alpha was released and they also announced RTL support!

I live in a part of the world where it is becoming extremely common for websites and web apps to offer both English (LTR) and Arabic (RTL) versions. Seeing popular CSS frameworks add built-in support for RTL is a huge plus for many developers in this region, and I certainly hope more open-source projects follow suit.

Having said that, I do realise my role in this and I feel developers (including me) who want to see RTL support in more open-source projects should be contributing to such projects (if they have the required skill set); particularly if it is a small project with a single or very few maintainers.

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