What is the difference between state, province and city?

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I try to understand difference between province, state and city(town). Also Is city and town same mean ? And How can I associate with them according to countries all the world?
Ex: Country: US, State: Alabama, City: Troy
Country: Turkey, Province, City or State: Ankara. Which is correct for Ankara?


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Don't know if it's relevant to programming and stuff, but atill
State : territory considered as an organized political community under one government.
Town: is small part of city.

E.g : turkey is country, ankara is province of turkey and city as well (every province is city) turkey has many states.

Province: is central city of a country which is central for government authorities.

City: a place with important facilities and enough population and area which is bigger then a village.


Thanks for answer. I have a question again. Are Alabama and Ankara same like state? Alabama is bigger than Ankara.


No, albama is state, ankara is capital city of turkey. There is no fix size for area to be called state. It's difference country wise, e.g vitican is a country with population less then a city.

You can't compare different countries states or cities. It's about them how they make it.

It is clear now. Thank you :)


In most cases, a province and state will be the same thing. There are specfic differences within the contexts of certain countries, but at a high level, they serve the same purpose.

States and provinces are regions designed to organize administrative zones within a country.

A city is an area that, in most cases, will have its own municipal-level officials for operating it.

From a hierarchal perspective: country has many regions; regions have many cities


Thanks for answer. I see generally. For hierarchal, I can use country and regions.
Example: Country -> US and region-> Alabama
Country-> Turkey and region -> Ankara.
Is it correct?