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10 reasons why HyperNet Fleet management system has an edge over the competition

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What is a Fleet Management System?

In today’s modern world FMS (Fleet management system) plays an important role in the management of assets and commercial vehicles. It is capable of tracking and maintaining all asset information. FMS is a process by which we can manage commercial vehicles and assets at a large scale. In fleet management, we perform a set of actions that helps to run a fleet competently in a short time and with less budget.

Modes of FMS Tracking Systems:

Fleet management system is further categorized into two modes: Online and Offline FMS. In the online FMS, fleet vehicles are linked to a computer server via mobile internet. All types of real-time data and information are available to the system. Online FMS doesn't use any recording data whereas in the offline FMS all the data is recorded within the vehicle for further processing and evaluation.

The most typical activities involved in fleet management are vehicle monitoring, asset utilization, vehicle maintenance, dispatch, driver management, increasing driver safety, and regulating expenses.

What is FMS Software?

A fleet manager always looks for trustworthy software to help them do their responsibilities. FMS software uses a telematics device that is attached to a vehicle diagnostics port. Speed, trouble codes, location of the vehicle, fuel usage, severe braking, and acceleration all relevant information is collected by the telematics device.

Further, this information is transferred to the fleet management dashboard through a wireless connection where it is organized into tools and reports for tracking and management purposes. The FMS system is widely applicable in different industries such as oil and gas, truck dealing, construction, utilities, and local delivery governments.

What is HyperNet Fleet Management System?

HyperNym provides a user-friendly Fleet Management System solution that allows your team to manage vehicles and equipment from any location. It is scalable and capable of handling your growing fleets. It is also compatible with most vehicle kinds and global safety requirements, and it connects faultlessly with any existing software or application. HyperNet FMS will provide you complete visibility into operations, hold your team accountable, and make decisions based on reliable facts.

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10 Reasons why HyperNym FMS beats the competition:

The 10 main reasons why the HyperNym fleet management system beats the competition are as following:

1.Track your fleets in real-time:
HyperNym Fleet tracking system is responsible to track and provide real-time vehicle position and status. In order to manage the fleet properly, you should know where each vehicle is at the current moment and what its fuel condition is. HyperNym’s FMS provides all relevant information in the dashboard so that users can have a comprehensive and detailed overview.

2.Manual Task Automation:
Before HyperNym FMS software, all the data was handled manually which acquired a lot of time and effort. Now, all repetitive tasks can be automated which can reduce administrative burden and minimize functional costs.

Here are few examples of HyperNym manual task automation:

  • HyperNym FMS provides real-time location through which you can easily locate trucks, assets, and drivers.

  • It is no longer necessary to call drivers for ETAs (Expected time of arrival) schedule, status updates, and work information.

  • It will automatically collect and centralize all kinds of paperwork like fuel receipts and delivery proofs.

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3.Vehicle Maintenance:
The primary task of fleet managers is to maintain the secure and efficient performance of vehicles. Managers should strictly follow maintenance plans to avoid vehicle breakdowns that might lead to downtime and capital loss for the company.

HyperNym fleet tracking system provides automated preventive maintenance plans. It can detect required future maintenance and the customers can use it to schedule preventive maintenance at a convenient time, which reduces unexpected downtime and improves overall vehicle utilization.

4.Fuel Management:
Fuel expenditure is the biggest expense for a Fleet Management Company. Keeping the fuel expenses to the minimum ensures sustainable and profitable operations. HyperNym FMS solution enables fleet managers to keep an eye on drivers’ irresponsible activities such as overspeeding and being idle for too long. Input from multiple sensors is fed into the FMS, which can be easily viewed through the dashboard and reports.

5.Secured Data:
HyperNym FMS keeps your data secure by providing identity and access control solutions. All information regarding customers and company assets is stored in a secure way that no hacker can breach.

Here are some steps by which HyperNym solution can make your data more secure:

  • It defines access controls for all users such as fleet managers, customers and drivers etc.

  • A single virus can destroy your important data in seconds. So, HyperNym scans your system regularly.

  • It keeps your important data in encrypted form.

In HyperNym fleet tracking system, geofencing is done by using RFID, GPS and WIFI sensors to get real-time location of vehicles and assets. By using geofencing techniques the system can create small alerts by entering and exiting different locations. You can inspect the driver's activity so that the vehicle cannot be used for personal reasons.

7.Easy and quick to learn:
HyperNym FMS software is a unified collection of technologies that helps organizations to track and manage assets. It is easy and quick to learn and does not require any steep learning curve. You don’t need any special assistance to use this software. It is used by many reputed organizations to minimize costs, enhance performance, and automate operations.

In order to save time fleet managers should have proper communication with drivers. Otherwise, any confusion or communication barrier can waste a lot of time and effort. By using HyperNym FMS managers can easily send broadcast messages to all drivers in a single click. To avoid any kind of distraction messages will be available to the driver only if the vehicle is stopped.

9.Enhances Customer Satisfaction:
The HyperNym tracking technology has made a significant contribution to enhancing client experiences.

  • HyperNym FMS keeps the customers updated regarding the schedule of asset delivery by sending email/SMS alerts.

  • A direct conversation with drivers without any support from the middle man.

  • HyperNym provides a history of location data for driver assistance, scheduling, and on-time delivery of assets.

  • It provides real-time tracking through which customers can get an accurate idea of the expected arrival time.

10.Fleet reports and analytics:
Reporting and analytics module is very important for the fleet management system. In order to inspect a company's performance, all reports should be gathered and organized in a definite form. By using HyperNym FMS, we can generate reports automatically for example reports of drivers that do over-speeding, daily wages reports, fuel management reports, parking slots reports, etc.


HyperNym fleet tracking system possesses all characteristics by which you can increase fleet productivity, enhance employee’s performance, promote safe driving, minimize overhead expenses, and much more. The system addresses all the difficulties of fleet telematics and GPS fleet monitoring, as well as being capable of boosting corporate productivity and reducing waste. Hypernym’s SaaS IoT platform is "HyperNET" that provides logistics operations with specific industry-built add-ons.

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