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Hyunjin Cho
Hyunjin Cho

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April 5th, 2022

inside JavaScript,

*function *

function test() {}

also function can be value. That is, the function for the object's property is called method

objectA = {
B : function() {}

Method is a function for the object's property
Function is a function itself.

Function includes method.
Function is independent from object while a method is not.
Method can access the data inside the class/object

Property and Method

Object is a case made of properties

property is made of key-value pair

if value is function, we call that as method.
key is an identifier for identifying a property

const person = {
name = 'hyunjin',
say = function (){console.log('hi')}

name = property, say = method

the main who practice method is the object
the main who practice function is the function itself.

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