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Chuck Hawley
Chuck Hawley

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Hi, I'm Chuck Hawley

I am a “Linux Administrator in a Windows World”. I spend most of my time in a terminal window (KiTTy) wrangling my Linux boxes from a single jump box. I use tools like tmux, vim, ansible and git extensively. I have taken to keeping my notes in dokuwiki and markdown so they are portable.

I do not own any Windows machines and can't help you with your decision to migrate back to Windows 7 after you got the Windows 10 upgrade.

You can find me on Twitter as @iamchuckhawley

I live in Cleveland, OH.

I mostly program in shell scripts.

I am currently converting my physical books to ebooks (Calibre!), ripping my DVDs (Handbrake!) and turning my CDs into mp3s (abcde!). I am also learning more about how to integrate the Macs at work into my Linux Admin duties.

Nice to meet you.

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