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COVID 19 Detection by X-Ray


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This project is intended for the hackathon purpose only. [dataset source:]

Demo Link

How we built it

We are intended to develop a system that gives output that patient is infected with COVID 19 or not, Our system has two modules. In the first module, the system does scan the X-Ray of a patient with the help of our own designed AI system and gives results with classification. We are taking more than 200 hundred of X-ray with multiple types of classification and made a system which is developed on AI and after processing, we are getting the output.

This system can help many doctors and our society to fight against corona. This system gives the next level testing phase for the patient check-in this time so we can do diagnose the patient as soon as possible and save more people.

Challenges we ran into

Making Ai Model from a very fewer data set, with the help of Google Cloud Platform we build it and solve it.

Technologies we used

ReactJS, Python, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Google Cloud Platform(GCP).

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