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New way to cook angular 14 typed forms

Hello everyone, I want to show you a library with which you can conveniently declare forms and describe the type of form according to your models, this will be useful to everyone who deals with forms in angular 14. ngx-mf i want to get some feedback from you, thanks! You can try it on stackblitz

You can do something like this:

We define some model:

enum ContactType {

interface IContactModel {
    type: ContactType;
    contact: string;

interface IUserModel {
    id: number;
    firstName: string;
    lastName: string;
    nickname: string;
    birthday: Date;
    contacts: IContactModel[];

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Then we define some magic type like:

Type Form = FormModel<IUserModel, { contacts: ['group'] }>
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Then we have type based on our model before form will be init:

    firstName: FormControl<string | null>;
    lastName: FormControl<string | null>;
    nickname: FormControl<string | null>;
    birthday: FormControl<Date | null>;
    contacts: FormArray<FormGroup<{
        type: FormControl<ContactType | null>;
        contact: FormControl<string | null>;
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