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Discussion on: 10,000 hours...?

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Ionut Staicu

is quite tempting to follow all those "learn me now!" blogs and vlogs and courses

At best, you'll get amazingly good at... copying stuff. Monkey see, monkey do.

I think that's easy to fall into tutorial porn and follow blindly everything, but the endgoal should be „be good at doing/creating/fixing stuff”.

Problem solving skill is just like a muscle: you have to train it over and over again to get better.

What do you think would be more beneficial in the long run (you don't have to answer me, you have to answer yourself):

  1. copying (or even worse: copy/pasting!) from a video/book by following a tutorial step by step OR
  2. trying to come up to solutions you don't even know you'd have?
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Sebastian Stüwe

Makes a lot of sense, Ionut, and I love your direct language! tutorial porn is definitely a term I'll add to my long-term memory.

And the implicit answer is obvious. :-)