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Does any body have an interest in watching live coding?

ianfabs profile image Ian Fabs github logo ・1 min read

If I were to stream myself ( and possibly others) programming the projects I could possibly work on are:

  • An express clone built on deno
  • An executable generator for deno scripts based on Rust
  • A SQL ORM in Golang
  • A URL Shortener written in Golang
  • A Project management CLI written in Rust

Provide any thoughts/opinions you feel I should hear! I always welcome feedback :-)

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What platform are you going to stream on? It would be interesting! I have been doing some streaming on Twitch. It's fun to work out problems while talking it through with other people in chat.

I for one would be interested to see Express built in Deno!


That would be incredibly cool, in fact I've been thinking of getting into streaming so I may end up using your idea as inspiration for an almost identical idea (and watching your streams if you choose to do this)

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