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re: This was already proposed,implemented and rejected a few years ago: Looks like now it exists as a PHP exten...

But this would be so much better if it was part of the core and had properly published methods.

PHP needs to grow and keep up with the needs of developers rather than developers continuously getting frustrated with the lack modernity in one of the most popular languages in use. If PHP does not embrace good OOP practices it will loose it's popularity. Given that .NET Core has been available cross platform for some time now, it is becoming a popular draw for those of us who long for something better. If it were not for a host of projects and a large code base I would have moved on already.

Time will tell and for me time is running out with the arcane state PHP is still in, despite the major leap in PHP 7 it's still very old fashioned.


I agree with you 100%, If it wasn't for the large code bases I have to maintain every single day, I would be using .Net Core, but hey, I think the killer feature here would be generics. That is really needed.

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