Discussion on: How to securely store API keys

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Ian Livingstone

I've been working on Torus CLI for sharing secrets between humans and machines from development to production.

It integrates directly into your workflow, so you can model the way you store your secrets to the way you organize and deploy your code. All of the secrets are encrypted on the client using an elliptical curve keypair derived from your password.

Torus makes it easy to centralize all of your secrets and configuration, making it easy to share secrets in development, manage the configuration used directly in your CI/CD flow to ensure build secrets never touch disk, or in production by injecting secrets directly into a process using torus run via environment variables.

To give someone access, simply invite them to your org and add them to the appropriate teams. No decrypting files using gpg, dealing with binary merge conflicts, or educating users on how to keep secret keys or files safe.

When it comes time to rotate a secret, with one command it's out of rotation, you just need to deploy to bring everything up to date. Most importantly though, when someone leaves your company or changes teams, it's really easy to track down which secrets need to be rotated using the torus worklog command.