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Cloud Native Developer Summit video replay

Julia Nash and Upkar Lidder from IBM Developer hosted a half-day a Cloud Native Developer Summit on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. In case you missed the live event you can watch a replay of the entire event (event agenda is right after the image).

Watch replay:

8:45 AM
Julia Nash, Upkar Lidder

9 AM
Why Cloud Native Requires Chaos Engineering
Ana Margarita, Gremlin

9:30 AM
Building Cloud Native Apps with Knative and TektonCD
Carlos Santana, IBM

10:00 AM
Cloud Native Hands-on Workshop
Alex Parker, IBM

10:30 AM
10 useful techniques to make sense of Istio
Lin Sun, IBM

11 AM
Service Mesh and Enterprise Level Design
Shweta Vohra, IBM

11:30 AM
Serverless Deployment of a Reactive Microservice to the Modern Cloud Infrastructure
Mary Grygleski, IBM

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