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Week 5 at Task Force 5.0

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”
Albert Einstein

The famous quote by Albert Einstein can pretty much sum up my journey at Task Force 5.0. It's been 5 weeks of continuous learning and each day I get introduced to new concepts that I was not aware of. So what was new this week? Which challenges did I face? And How did I overcome them? Here is my reflection:

What's new

This week, like every other week we had informative and interesting sessions. In soft skills, I learnt how to work effectively in self-organizing teams, and realized the most important thing is to trust each other in the team. This was helpful as in the Task Force we work as a self-organizing team. Design thinking was another new concept of how to create products that are relevant to the users. In this session, I learnt to never be self-referential, which is one of the most essential things as a developer.

Challenges ahead

This week’s biggest challenge came in technical skills sessions. Where we were introduced to TypeOrm. TypeScript ORM (object-relational mapper) library that makes it easy to link your TypeScript application up to a relational database. What was the challenge?
I installed the package following instructions from the documentation but the package was not working. I did some research on the internet, tried all the suggested solutions but to no avail. I asked my fellow interns and none of them was facing the same issue. This brought back the “5 whys” methodology we learnt the previous week. Probing myself the whys it led to the root cause which was the package was updated a couple of minutes ago and the reason it was working for others but not me it was because the new update caused some breaking changes and it was not indicated in the documentation. So the solution was downgrading to the previous version.


All in all, easy is boring and at Task Force we are always give some interesting challenges which makes it a fun and informative experience. it's unfortunate it's coming to an end but looking forward to the final week. Thank you for your time. See you on the next one.

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