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Discussion on: Installing Docker and Docker Compose on the Raspberry Pi in 5 Simple Steps

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Phil Chen

Tested on RetroPi 4, I was originally getting sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) right after installing docker using the curl -sSL | sh after a whole bunch of the google search, I landed. Just want to share the error I got was simply resolved by

  1. continue to follow those 5 simple steps
  2. skip docker run hello-world would give you error message about the access deny
  3. restart your raspberry pi 4
  4. come back and continue with the hello-world steps and the rest!
  5. it simply just worked!

Thanks Rohan for this awesome guide!

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Rohan Sawant Author

Ah, thanks man. I'll add a note to restart the device if you see any errors. It's people like you who help keep this guide updated!!