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Discussion on: There's no "else if" in JS

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Idan Arye

Alright, but then you are just hiding the if-statement within the is_odd method. There is no sane way to implement these types of functions, that take an integet and return a boolean, without if-statements.

To be fair - one could also claim that if statements are just hiding the conditional jumps. Creating better abstractions over problematic implementations is a virtue.

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Sander in 't Veld

That was my point, Idan; if-statements are just conditional jumps, and you need those to be Turing complete. I disagree with the idea that if-statements are always a design flaw, because that just leads to using overabstracted solutions for simple problems, e.g. using pattern matching on a boolean condition.

I agree with your virtue, I just don't see something as integral as the if-statement as a 'problematic implementation'.

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I understand whose is in the functional is alergic to IF statement, but a coder can create a good program without a functional approach. Many developers write code in procedural mode, if you use GNU/Linux you'll know that in many files you'll find IF statements