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re: If you've not learned a system level language before, like C or C++, then learning Go is probably a good idea. I have no idea what the language is ...

I have been a C++ programmer for a few years so I know what system level language is like and the whole concept, I actually I like it.

I am not choosing Go because of the hype, I am trying to figure out if there is something behind this hype. The one thing that really caught my eyes is the amazing performance of Go due to the fact it's a system level language.


I believe a lot of the hype is sadly due to it's "concurrency" model which is now a buzzword which also ends up getting conflated with another buzzword "parallelism".

Go is definitely a SOLID language (pun intended), but it does have it's warts:

  • 📦management
  • 🚫generics (yet?)
  • too many ways to declare a var
  • etc, etc

I do think...

There are 2 types of programming languages: one nobody uses and the other everybody complains about - somebody?

Personally, I really enjoy writing Go (for work and play) and being apart of it's community (for work and play).

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