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My Updated Career Aspirations

In this post I will be continuing from my last blog post which focuses on my career aspirations.

Previous to my first lesson at University, I was unaware of how many opportunities there are available within the tech industry. I was confident that there were roughly 3 main jobs which consisted of front end developer, backend developer and a mobile app developer.

Within 10 minutes, I was able to curate a list of over 30+ jobs available within the market. It was interesting to see how the job roles that are available are continuously growing due to new technologies and trends being created. A few jobs that I was not aware of that caught my eye were being a UI/UX designer, UX researcher and a creative animation developer. I found it interesting that studying and analysing user’s experience with websites can form a whole job within itself. Also, I am curious about how animations are created for modern websites and find having a job focused on creating and implementing them fascinating. I realised that the jobs that I had chosen are heavily focused on design.I hope to research further to see if any other jobs catch my interest.

A technique that will allow me to learn more about the industry and job prospects is to network through social media apps such as Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn which can prove as vital tools in opening new doors and opportunities with the right connections such as being able to gain inside knowledge about the industry, attend tech events, hackathons or even gain access to internships with local businesses. Other techniques such as using online courses through platforms such as Udemy can help me build additional skills to boost my CV, making me more marketable to potential employers.

Finding the one out of 30+ jobs that I wish to go into will not develop overnight and will become an ongoing journey in which I have to put in the commitment and effort to find the best job for myself. I will continue to use a range of techniques to find out what opportunities and possibilities are available for me.

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