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My Career Aspirations

Hi, my name is Ifrah. This is my first post where I will introduce myself and outline my career aspirations. I am currently in my first year of university studying web development. I decided to attend university as I felt that this path into web development would provide me with invaluable experiences and skills that can easily be applied in the industry.

Why web development? I have yet to find a concrete answer but simply put I love the thrill, imagination and limitless growth you can achieve as a web developer. I chose to become a web developer as I love the reward given when I am able to transform designs to fully working websites which help others improve their day to day life.The web is everywhere and constantly evolving. I want to eventually become a developer that plays a part in these movements of improvement and expression. It definitely will not be an easy journey but I enjoy the process of seeing myself pick up skills and completing things that I thought I could never do.

My career goal is to ultimately be part of a studio or company that creates interactive and immersive websites for clients as a front end developer. I like the idea of working on new and diverse projects which all come with their own challenges. Another goal of mine is to work for a large scale company such as Spotify who creates a product that is used by millions of individuals. I will be able to develop my personal and well as my professional skills. I like the idea of having a company invest in me, my skills and my future. Helping me become a better developer through mentorship and new career opportunities.

Along the way to becoming a well crafted front end developer, I want to build strong connections with seniors developers and like minded people who are interested in web development who will help me stay inspired and curious. Below i have listed some individuals and companies that inspire me and hope to connect with in the near future.

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