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5 Underrated resources to learn Git and Github

Save you time and use these resources to perfect your Git and GitHub knowledge.

This week, I finally built up the courage to deep dive into learning Git and GitHub without having to relying on GUI and using the command line. We are fortunate enough to have unlimited resources available to us at the click of the button. However, this can quickly become overwhelming and result in spending more time browsing articles and tutorials instead of actually learning! I have curated this list with hopes that time and energy can be saved.

1.Github Minesweeper[ - Free]

This is one of the best free courses to actively learn Git through playing a game with a bot.

screenshot of the website

It is a hand-on learning experience which helps prepare your Git skills for a job in a real-world team. It combines practice, theory and repetition to create the best learning environment to allow all the skills you learn to stick.

2. Version Control with Git[Udacity - Free]

This is a Udacity course which covers the essentials of using the version control system Git which takes approximately 4 weeks on average to complete.

Screenshot of udacity Git course landing page

This course teaches you up to date skills using self-paced learning and interactive quizzes and tasks.


Every October, Hacktoberfest takes place and is an event which encourages participation in the open source community with prices upon completion.

Screenshot of Hacktoberfest landing page

Highly recommended for beginners who wish to put into practice their Git skills in real world projects. Notably, most beginner repositories have step by step instructions of how to contribute to their projects.

4.Oh My Git!

Oh My Git! is an open source game about learning Git created for complete beginners. It is fun and interactive which is a refreshing break from the usual theoretical courses found online.

Screenshot of Oh My Git! Gameplay

It uses card game mechanics tasking players to work on repositories with others and fixing mistakes. It uses a mix of arrows and command cards to illustrate how changes in repositories flow.

5.The Odin Project

The Odin Project collects the best resources to supplement your learning and present them in a logical order. In their Git Basics course provide clear step by step instructions are given to complete assignments as well as knowledge checks and cheatsheets throughout the course.

Screenshot of The Odin Project page

The Odin Project also has a community via discord chatrooms which provides additional help and motivation.

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Nomadev • Edited

Nicely Written ifrah, Hactoberfest can be used as a kickstart to open source contribution, we can't mention it as a resource in my humble opinion.
And My blog post is also one of the good underrated resource to learn about open source LOL!

After getting acquainted with basics you can give a try to these paid open source internships/programs -

Happy Coding mate

ifrah profile image

Appreciate the comment, very useful. Thanks!

ftheile profile image

I learned a lot by exercising Git Katas:

ifrah profile image

Added it to my Github Stars, Thanks for the suggestion!

xtofl profile image
xtofl • Edited

And there's for some fearless sandboxed exercising.

ifrah profile image

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks really good 😃

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Johannes Kettmann

@ifrah Thanks a lot for mentioning GitHub Minesweeper. I'm glad you liked it

ifrah profile image

Definitely one of my favourites!