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Discussion on: A Modern CSS Reset

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Well, this list is soooo arguable.
At first, AFAIK adding list-style: none resets accessibility of lists, so it's better to apply transparent image to list-style-image.
Article with owl selector — really? I mean, if it is a reset for blogs, this thing should be boilerplated, but for all the possible cases do we all really need it? 'Cause article tag is used not just to markup text articles in magazines :)
And of course images shouldn't be blocks by default (you are proposing reset, aren't you?). If you don't like image's gap at the bottom, just add vertical-align: middle — and the 'problem' is solved.

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Andy Bell

I'd properly respond but I actually can't be arsed. Maybe actually reading the post again, but you do you 👍

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Craig Morrison

Sorry but where do you answer this in the post? You talk about how the list looks but removing the semantics is completely a different thing and I can't think why you'd want to use a list element without it carrying those semantics.

Anyway, thanks for the post, it's made me revisit what is really needed again.

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James Thomson

I actually tend to agree with this. A reset should align browser defaults, whereas what’s been proposed is more of a boilerplate. A reset should be able to be used in any project without drastically changing things, but rules like the owl selector, image block, reduced motion query does exactly that. While these may be great for some projects, I wouldn’t be comfortable blindly dropping this in as a reset.