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I believe I've done something similar in another post, but I guess it's time for a nice update anyway:

Since I've been using Windows at work (ugh), WSL has become a nice stopgap for my terminal needs. Using it along with ConEmu has made things a bit less painful. At home I use xfce4-terminal because it just werks.

For my terminal usage I've been using zsh with oh-my-zsh and my own theme.

Sublime is my favorite text editor, and the one I mostly use at home, but since I do no own a valid license (yet, I swear I'll buy it... someday), I've been using VSCode at work, it's a bit slower but manages to get things done. I also like to have Wakatime installed, as to track how u̶n̶productive I am.

Chrome has been my browser of choice for a couple years now, gotta love all the integration and sync it offers.

As for miscellaneous tools, the ones I use most are clang, gcc, avrdude, openocd and picocom (putty on Windows). Oh let's not forget about git, of course.

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