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re: Great feedback. Redux is far from dead or anything like that. Even if the React context + hooks can mimic his behavior in some cases, it's definite...

While trying to understand the differences between Redux and Context, I stumbled upon this article. This is definitely lighter than others, but it still feels outdated - even being only a month old.
I started a new React project a couple of months ago and saw that Redux-Toolkit is already sort of a standard, and it's definitely a great tool - I always felt SO BAD when having to write all that boilerplate on Redux, I guess everyone felt that haha

However, on a quick read, I see still you mention the boilerplate on Redux and don't mention Toolkit. You should definitely update the conclusion by mentioning how Toolkit removes most of the boring boilerplate, and reinforcing that Context is great mainly for smaller tasks.

Nonetheless, congrats for the two articles comparing the tools! How about a last one with Toolkit? haha

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