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Why and How to use SMS in Your Nonprofit Strategy

igorsochenko profile image Igor Sochenko ・2 min read

Charity and another non-profit activity has high significance for society because this is a possibility to help others. Contemporary charitable, educational, and service organizations need promotion similar to marketing in usual business. Thus, the traditional methods of staying in touch with the audience are suitable for nonprofits. One of them is SMS sending.

Here are some cases when non-profit organizations may need them:

SMS messaging can help nonprofits to inform donors and volunteers. For example, bulk SMS service can send a reminder about donation to all active donors.

Also SMS texting could be used for confirmation of actions. A new potential donor can input a phone number for further contact and then confirm his number via SMS.

Another example of mass SMS is sending thankful messages. A nonprofit can express gratitude to all donors using a bulk SMS message.

So, you already know why you need to send the messages to the target audience. But why should you prefer mobile text sending for donations and other nonprofits to the other channels of communication? Here are some reasons for choosing SMS texting:

Almost all adult humans use cell phones. There are 3,5 billions of mobile owners in the world, according to the Statista latest data.

SMS doesn’t require the Internet connection. That’s why this channel of communication can be used in any region, even in those ones where there are problems with the Internet.

Information is delivered quickly. Just one second, and the notification about your message is shown on the receiver’s mobile phone screen.

Mobile messages have an impressive open rate. It reaches 98%, according to the Campaign monitor statistics. This is an enormous figure. Just imagine, 9800 receivers out of 10000 recipients from the contact list will read your information. So, SMS is the best way to reach the target audience.

SMS are read by the recipients immediately. On average, it takes only 3 minutes for a person to open the message since it has been delivered. So, mobile texting is the best way for sending the urgent information.

It’s easy to set up the SMS sending process. For example, in Atomic SMS Sender, it’s enough to register, get the Sender ID (if you need it), upload the contact base to the service, insert the text, and start sending.


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