Tales of a Noob Dev[Part 1]

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One of my dad’s many sayings subconsciously became my personal academic mantra, and it goes(translated from Twi)

Asare, once there is someone standing in front you, teaching you something, anything at all, that thing can be learnt and understood.

With that at the back of my mind, I began taking Construction of Angles and Pie Charts seriously in my Maths classes because they were the cause of my failures in Maths in junior high.

Fast forward to 2015, a similar situation happened in my first C++ class in year one, where I was really struggling to understand the concept of variables in programming ( Variables? ugh dude?!?). Variables are supposed to be the easiest things to grasp when learning to program but believe you me when I say I was really really struggling to grasp how it relates to memory and whatnots, and the nerve-wracking thing was almost everybody was nodding their heads in sync to whatever the lecturer was saying, and there I was feeling left out and dumbo(shouts to Hov). But as time went on I managed to find solace and motivation to do better in the synchronization of nods from my classmates and I did better, with my academic mantra consciously or unconsciously at the back of my extremely big head, and that is how I began my journey on a path of no return, fighting dragons, demogorgons, just to mention a few mystic beasts.

Moral of the story? It’s all dependent on you, the reader. I’ll be back.

PS: I dislike C++ now


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