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Doesn't the total vendor lock-in aspect bug you? I mean, you're using proprietary languages on a proprietary platform that you really have very little control over. I feel like it would bug me. That's not intended as a criticism, I just mean that I would feel like I was on somewhat shaky ground knowing that my livelihood depending totally on the goodwill of the vendor.

Are you assuming that Salesforce will exist for as long as your career, or do you have an exit strategy worked out?


What makes you think my livehood depends totally on Salesforce? :)

I'm still a Senior Software Engineer, I still have to integrate this platform with other platforms, I still have to work with JavaScript (just an example), but more than that I continue learning about other platforms (open source or not).

To say my livehood depends on Salesforce because everything can suddenly change is the same thing as my livehood was depending on Java and .NET when I suddenly had to start working with Salesforce, right?

As long as you're willing to be a better professional, a better engineer, the platform is just one of many variables in the system.

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