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My setup Mac for Backend Developer


I received a new machine from my company for my job. With a machine with no software, so let's start setups an environment on it. My machine is MacbookPro 16" 2019 with Intel Core i9 ( I know it is very hot), 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM. Why 2019? I have tools for DevOps, sometimes I have read a few complaints about the M1 process from other engineers, so I decided on a Macbook Pro 16" 2019

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First of all, I installed homebrew - package management in OSX. Yes, many tools below use brew installed, I don't want you pkg files, instead of the use command line.

brew install wget
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I am using...

  • Docker: build and deployment container
  • Terraform: build and deployment infrastructure
  • AWS CLI: interaction with aws via command line
  • Kubectl: for learning and deployment of Kubernetes
  • TablePlus: Database management
  • Raycast: Spotlight instead
  • Notion: quick note and share
  • Bitwarden: Password management
  • Postman: Testing my API
  • Sourcetree: Version Control Source UI
  • Flame shot: capture and edit image
  • Karabiner: I use an external keyboard and it helps remap key
  • Microsoft Edge: Primary browser, Safari is the second browser

Terminal and Editor

I love the command line. An interesting terminal brings much inspiration for a development job. This is currently my terminal and how to set up it:

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I choice iTerm2 instead of the default terminal on OSX. iTerm2 has many colour schemes, is customised a little and uses GPU support rendering.
My shell is ZSH with Oh-my-zsh and Starship. Starship shows a whale in the terminal, it is very cool!.
BlexMono Nerd Font is my choice font.

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As a Backend Developer, I choice Neovim, exact LunarVim is the primary editor for Go and NodeJS, sometimes I also write HCL, config file like YAML.
With LunarVim you have an editor like VSCode but faster, smaller and customizer than VSCode. I use Gruvbox scheme with Lunarvim


To make your life easy, don't forget to use the aliases command.
Simply, add some command below to .zshrc, reload and enjoy!

alias k="kubectl" 
alias tf="terraform"
alias ggraph="git log --oneline --graph --color --all --decorate"
alias branch="git branch -a"
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Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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