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Discussion on: Aware about one fraud ( new freelancer )

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I just get the same message on
Here is the Full Details.

They are using fake Whatsapp Busniess acount with this number :+44 7760 424735

hey thanks for showing interest


you know well its very hard to find job with new freelancer account

in this deal you got review plus profit

review helps your profile to boost up your freelancer carrier

i need some positive review with 5 star from you to my profile and gives you same

i am seller of reviewed account

i have to show big projects and financial transactions to buyer for good prize

we start with small amount for trust and go for big

the details of deal mentioned below

please read carefully

i am here to deal long time

i need review with 5 star in every deal

gives you same

i will hire you in freelancer by your username

once you accept it i release fund

you have to pay half back plus 5 star review in every deal

hope you clear

i dont need any work from your side

just provide positive review with 5 star

half is yours in every deal

and send half money back what you got finally

first deal 5000 INR

you got 4500 INR after fees

payback amount 2250 INR

payback mode paytm and google pay or upi

you have to payback after release in your freelancer wallet

(after that successful deal we go for bigger as much as you are ready)

the amount goes bigger for 2nd deal once we complete this first deal.


finally please note and remember before start

freelancer earning withdraw to your bank is two day process

and as deal you have to pay half once fund reflect to your freelancer wallet

so only accept the deal if you are able to send half after releasing fund from my side.

within 10 minutes you have to pay half back.

if everything is ok with you we can proceed now


please understand all process again

once i release fund its reflect instant to your freelancer wallet

than you have to pay half back by paytm or upi

bank withdrawal takes 2 days

so accept only once you are ok with payback terms


remember freelancer withdrawal takes up to 2 days time and as deal you have to pay half once you got fund in freelancer
so you must have enough fund everytime for payback as deal

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rahul shukla Author

yup this type of message send by sender and they get your money. please aware this type of fraud.