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I have definitely had the problems of too little sunshine, too little exercise and way too much coding. It burned me out a few times. Solution for all of them for me was getting a dog. I walk her for min 8km per day, usually late afternoon/early evening. It takes around 2 hours. Solved all 3 issues in one stroke. I wish I could claim it was some genius but it wasn't, I just wanted a dog


A dog really is a blessing in disguise. Helps you get fit and stay outside. What kind of dog do you have? :)


She is a scent hound, a French breed called a Griffon Bleu but she is a mix and doesn't look much like the pics that will return from Google. They don't do any murder they are just used to flush out wild boar. Upside (and downside) of that is she is crazy playful and social

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