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Discussion on: Mnemonics: declarative vs imperative programming

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Ian Kleats

I can't speak to their intent (about trolling), but I sort of disagree that the linked FCC article is an exemplary explanation. ...Or maybe it's overkill to get into a discussion of declarative approaches arising naturally as a consequence of abstractions (in either OOP or FP) to deal with the potential for side effects. I mean, the FCC article also uses a declarative push method in its imperative example. Not a huge faux pas, but along with comments like "imperative programming being easy to reason what it does" (hint: this quickly becomes not true), it makes me question whether the author even knows the weaknesses in the message it's imparting to folks increasing their understanding. So, thanks OP for putting this out there & not backing down.

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Sylwia Vargas Author • Edited

Thanks for this thought! I think this is a part of why this subject is confusing to new programmers, along with the nomenclature that just doesn't make sense linguistically.
Coincidentally, I actually am going through Kent C. Dodd's course now and I just noticed that he linked an article that seems really great in both explaining the imp/dec approaches and using plain English — I'd be curious what you think about it, @imkleats :