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Discussion on: Rightsizing Cloud Resources - Four Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It

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Mohamed Latfalla

Thanks for the article, I agree with you on these points but choosing the right options isn't something easy, its something needs time and experience. I know some examples that they're using crazy number of instances with gigantic aspects for normal workload, and when you asked them why? Its working why would I change? This issue cannot be solved in a night or in a meeting. It needs experience.
Also, the most important point is cost, because if your resources made you broke, you have nothing to monitor. Your architecture isn't written in stones, you have to update it and use the new services that could save you money and even enhance your performance in the market.

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Harinder Seera 🇭🇲 Author

Agree that choosing the right option is not easy. It requires multiple iterations. Hence why I mentioned that it needs to be a ongoing process. Things changes i.e. new feature added or removed, traffic patterns have changed etc will all influence the sizing.