re: How would you build a full stack Node.js web app today? VIEW POST


Honestly for me it comes down to requirements really.

I personally don't mind using something like sails.js which follows an MVC framework pattern but heavily opinionated.

I've worked with clients on pure static with elements of a headless CMS and also pure markdown content. Usually something as simple as static html and native js calls pushed up to netlify. Search using Algolia and if I need cms contentful and others are nice.

There's a million options, it's not a bad thing. I would say you don't have to just jump into a world of react or vue either. There's always a heavy bias to web development trends but as someone who works in architecture I often have to think about the third party services, authentication/authorisation factors, client incumbent systems, non functional requirements.. the list goes on.

Lately for full stack, I see no issue with still using MVC frameworks but honestly don't worry too much whatever road you go down.

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