Telegram user responses to database/form. Any recommendations?

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I'm building out a telegram bot that takes answers given to questions from a user and submits them "somewhere" for a client to read through, search, filter etc.

Obviously a database would normally make sense, however I'm really not wanting to build out a bunch of database integration and also then a nice little UI for a user to view the responses received.This is a proof of concept project.

I was thinking of using something like google sheets to act as the "database" and UI. Whilst this would work nicely, once again the integration and setup into Google is a slight pain generating keys or oAuth etc for a simple task.

I fully expect there is a service that will allow a nice and easy POST request to an API which will then also allow a user to view / search / edit the data behind the scenes without much integration work being needed.

This is really about wanting to keep to MVP and not go overboard straight away until we have confirmed that the customer would like to continue on, we can then look to enhancing.

Any recommendations?

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