What is your view on tech courses getting pirated(the ethical ones)?

incrypt0 profile image Krishnanand ・1 min read

Some websites like freetutorials.us allow users to download pirated tech courses but they argue that they have certain ethics. They do not pirate content of new creators and they only pirate those courses that had already made so many earnings. What is your opinion on this?

Personally I have seen so many students benefit from these pirated courses .


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Timur Bublik

I am a Udemy instructor. When I just published my first course (which is not earning much) it was pirated in the first couple of weeks. Those websites even resell it for a fraction of price. I think that people who download tech courses illegally most probably would not buy it anyway. But they also miss the opportunity to ask me questions through Udemy platform, to get updated content, to get informational emails about new features and to get interactive tests. What they get is just an archive of gradually outdated videos.

There are indeed another group of students that download courses illegally because they really can not afford it, those people can find discounts, free promo codes and just simply ask instructor if she/he could giveaway the course. Just asking does not cost you anything :)

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Krishnanand Author

Yeah, it is pretty sad that courses which have not earned much getting pirated. Surely it will demotivate the content creators like yourself.
It's nice of you to share your views. And nowadays there are lot of free resources coming up on the web for those who really cannot afford the courses and as you mentioned asking for coupons and promo codes is a good idea too for these guys.