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Keycloak is a decent open source option that you can self host. Gives you all the benefits of a full blown auth system without a price tag. We use it at $dayJob.

For hosted solutions, Auth0 or Okta. While okta appeals to enterprises, they have an auth product for your consumer apps similar to Auth0.


Advantages of keycloak is you and also federate logins with AD/LDAP, social media login, Kerberos,OAUTH, etc. There's also a Docker container for it.


Awesome. Thanks for the info!


Have been leaning towards Auth0 for awhile. Any thoughts on one over the other?


Use Auth0 if you want to pay someone else to run it and be on call for it. Use Keycloak if you want to run it and be on call for it.

Otherwise, they all have a similar feature set.

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