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Discussion on: What do you really want from your employer?

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Danny Perez

I've been at my company now 7 years, and have been contemplating a slightly similar question: what keeps me here?

For me it boils down to a few things that the other folks here have said:

  • salary - I'm making more than I know what to do with so that's a good problem to have. Salary alone isn't enough to make me switch.
  • being able to work remotely - most of the many teams I've been on have fully remote folks so because of that, I run the team with a remote-first mindset. That means that everyone on my team can work remotely without skipping a beat. It's nice being able to go snowboarding in the middle of the day, and then finish up my work later on after the sun goes down.
  • a product/mission worth spending time on. I work in edtech for elementary/middle school. There's thousands of students and teachers who directly benefit from my work. I don't care for working on the next social media app that's disrupts disruption; to each their own.
  • a great team - I've been on teams where my manager sucks, or I have to work with people who can't pull their weight, or people whose worldviews are in conflict with mine. Working with people I enjoy and who enjoy working with me far outweighs a change of scenery. The grass is always greener on the other side, but this grass is looking pretty green anyway (for now, anyway).
  • being able to change teams/work on different problems - I've worked on backend, front end, and even led a devops team for a few years. If they wouldn't have given me the option to switch, I'd be forced to go elsewhere. Next time I get bored, I just need to ask around what people are working on and choose the coolest problem.