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re: Great to know there are frameworks like this that don't push the whole app on my browser, potentially crashing it. I posted a rant about the same t...

I think that Hey might be pushing it a little too far though. Lots of accessibility issues, and while some of them can be fixed easily, fixing the rest without adding a sprinkle of JS will be impossible without the platform giving us a better higher level widgets to work with.


Hey @intrnl , curious about what kind of accessibility issues the Hey approach would introduce? Normally, accessibility should be more related to html not JS right?


Hi, can you be more specific about the accessibility issues and how more JS would solve them?


Oh, I just read this thread that explains it well, interesting, thanks! twitter.com/devongovett/status/127...

I still think these issues should be solved in the HTML standards so that good accessibility is not dependant on JS.


True. However, I think it's a good sign that we're atleast putting some effort in this direction to solve the js bloat problem which is another big accessibility issue. I hope to see frameworks like these mature and become more capable.

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