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What Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018?

The world of technology is an ever evolving one. The programming languages used frequently a few years back have been replaced by newer and better options and to stay relative and in business one must learn with changing times and adopt newer technology. Every mobile app developer needs to learn these following programming languages to sustain 2018 and the coming years in the industry:

  1. Javascript
    Javascript has been around for years topping the charts every year and looking at the dynamics it is clear that this trend is not going anywhere for now. It allows developers to create cross-platform apps and software for desktop, web and mobile.

  2. Java
    Java because of its speed and safety level is extremely popular among financial and banking industries. This is not an easy language to learn and since not a lot of programmers learn it there is always a shortage of qualified and skilled Java developers in the market.

  3. C#
    C# is one of the most advanced programming languages and is used mainly for Microsoft .NET platform. It is quite similar to Java in use and functionality but a bit more difficult to learn than Java.

  4. PHP
    PHP is the most used programming language for server and according to a survey it accounts for more than 240 million websites currently on the internet. It’s a flexible language that can be used to create small and large websites with the same ease.

  5. Python
    Until recent years, PHP was more popular but after the advent of Python it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is gaining the trust of young developers and slowly replacing PHP. Python’s convenient code structure makes it a great start for beginners and allows them to easily develop a project and further support it.

  6. C++
    If you are looking forward to learning a very versatile programming language then it is without a doubt C++. It might be a bit difficult for a newbie to grasp but once they do they can create application and software for any purpose and magnitude with this.

These are some of the programming languages that every programmer must learn if they want to stay in business in 2018.

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