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I,me and myself software engineer

Life is an amazing word because it contains many hidden meanings,symbols and stories.My life is like that its meaning is nothing different from others who are struggling.I am final year software engineering student and a passionate coder.I have done many semester projects even when they were in group I ended up doing all by myself.I love to build logic of programs.I don't know but i feel great when i get stress out from coding,I am weird!.but what is struggle in this?My struggle is giving instructions to myself :D.I have every thing! means a logical mind,passion,knowledge etc but still i want a push by someone who boost up my moral ,guide me to the path that can fulfill all my dreams for the betterment of the world.I can do everything just need a teaching and guidance ,can't disappoint anyone.That's all! don't know how to express it all in words perfectly because i am writing first time..:D
Some projects i have done:
*Full copy of apple's website using html,css,js,php
*Snake and ladder game using js,html through positioning
*fb pages using java
*many management systems using c++
*an android app using kotlin
*game interface using unity3D
*and now working on a final year project using unity3D and github

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