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Useful tools for contribution

As seventh lab of OSD600, I added some useful tools for the future contribution.
Here are some revisions I made

IDEA setup

I used IntelliJ for my SSG application. The ide setting were already pushed in the GitHub, I did not have much things to do for the default project setting for the contributors.

Added maven to the project

For smoother dependencies/plugin managements for other developers, I decided to add Maven to my project. We do not have to have physical .jar files to use dependencies when we use maven. Maven is a great build tools especially when the project is not only being revised locally.

Source code formatter

I used google-java-formatter in my project, and added instruction on how to use it.
It is very simple to use in IntelliJ. It is easily addable in IntelliJ Marketplace, and once its been enabled, user can use the regular reformat shortcut, which is "CTRL+ALT+L".


SpotBug is a tool for spotting some silly mistakes that might cause bug in the future. Through maven, I was able to add spotbug plugin easily, and it is in "pom.xml" of the project.
It is very simple to run spotbug.

mvn spotbugs:gui
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This command above will inspect the code and show you some possible bugs with some UI.

I created an instruction for the contributors.
It has step-by-step instructions on what requirements you need, how to install and run the project, what you need to do after fixing issues.
Through Release0.2, I got a chance to contribute in other projects, but it was way easier to contribute in a project that has detailed instructions, and their own standards.

You can find all of those changes here.

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