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Discussion on: This is how I turned my old laptop into a server.

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Isaac Reyes

Quick question: are you using a static IP or dynamic? Because I tried this before because I wanted to run a webserver and the internet told me a few things. One of them is that you need to pay your isp extra for a static IP address. And that running a server from home is not safe because you can get hacked.

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Fomofonk • Edited on

You could use something like LocalTunnel or go through Cloudflare with a script; You can find tons of Cloudflare Dynamic DNS updater scripts on Github!

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Same thought in here also ...!!!

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Jayesh Waghmare Author • Edited on

I use dynamic IP. Using a static ip for server is recommended but you can use ddns services which is provided by no-ip. They take care of the dynamic ip. And I've not port forwarded my server to public network just using it inside private network. So no hackers in the house :)

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ccmks • Edited on

You can buy Cloud Static IP from here:

It is very useful to get static IP without your ISP assigned to you especially when you need to host something behind 4G LTE Network. The Cloud Static IP works virtually on all kinds of internet service.

I bought one of this and they works great on my home server! The support is great too! I don't have to worry about the dynamic DNS anymore nor changing the public IP when I change my ISP!

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Harlin Seritt

I've been running them similar to this since about 2000! :-) I've never been hacked though I have always used Linux for this. Linux is much more secure than Windows and to be honest, I would never run a Windows server against my will. :-)

You can go with dynamic! :-) You won't need a static IP address unless you really need one. Don't worry though ... you'll know when you need one! Good luck!