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Congrats on two years sober. That's awesome.

As someone who doesn't drink for religious reasons, I love to see stuff like this. Thanks for posting.


I just keep seeing you all around here! I'd love to get a boba tea some time if we're ever in the same area, you seem like a cool dog! :P Thanks for the congrats!


I didn't realize we'd interacted before! Haha. I don't drink tea either, but if you're ever in the Salt Lake valley, I'd love to grab lunch with you!

We talked in your graveyard post. :P Also you seem to have good comments when I see you around here, your bowtie in the profile pic makes you memorable. I'll be sure to hit you up if I make it back through Utah again, I want to as I liked the salt flats but the memory is mired with car trouble and being in the middle of no where.

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