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Discussion on: Whats on your desk?

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Isaac Lyman • Edited

A Perry the Platypus plushie. He's my rubber duck.

A mouse pad (TeckNet brand) with a wrist rest, because my wrist deserves better than carpal tunnel.

A keyboard on a short platform, again to stave off carpal tunnel.

My computer glasses (Gamma Ray brand), headphones, and a picture of my wife.

Two HD monitors, a box of Kleenex, a Solo cup for snacks, a lotion bottle, and a charging cable for my phone.

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Matthew Bidewell Author

I really need to get myself a wrist rest. Any suggestions?

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Isaac Lyman

This is the one I've got:

I've had it since April 2016 and it's lost maybe a centimeter in thickness, but still does a great job keeping my wrist below a 90° angle. Less than $10, too.