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Discussion on: React Is Eating Itself

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Isaac Hagoel

I see your point. My thinking is: even if I could make my team to select technology X, I don't think it will make that much impact. No one outside of my immediate vicinity gives a $#!t about what I think and probably they shouldn't. I didn't earn it.
I just wonder, if it is not people like us that make these things popular who is it then?
It is also indirectly related to another comment I wrote about dev culture:

Ah, I didn't know js files aren't compiled. I thought it processes them so that it can do its treeshaking magic and all.
On the one hand your points make a lot of sense to me and I can relate. On the other hand I wonder whether we (devs) became too spoiled for our own good. We seem to prioritise DX over UX and expect to be hand held (by our free tools and the communities that back them) every step of the way

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author • Edited

You can't really have "much impact" on the broader adoption of any given technology. For the most part, that's a good thing, because our individual tech obsessions are never quite as clear-cut and obvious as we'd like to think.

You can rarely do much to individually shape opinion, because programming is the tactical expression of a vast marketplace of ideas. Once any marketplace gets large enough, it's nearly impossible for any one person to really drive the market.

It'd be like if you woke up this morning with a revelation that Microsoft will be the hottest, most profitable stock for the next 10 years. You can throw all of your money into the stock. And if your intuition is correct, you'll eventually make a lot of money. But your bulk purchase of MS stock will have only an infinitesimal effect on the price. You can praise the stock to all your friends, but again, that's not gonna have any material impact on the stock, good-or-bad. In the end, "the market" as a whole will drive the long-term direction of the stock.

The only possible exception to this in tech is if you can (or even want to) find a way to become one of the tech's "thought leaders". If Dan Abramov wakes up tomorrow morning and decides that React is a stooopid name, and we should all be calling it "ButtJS" (pronounced "butt-joos"), then by golly, that's what most React fanboys are gonna start calling it. They'll even write deep think pieces about why ButtJS is such a better name. And they'll cover you in snark and scorn if you still insist on calling it "React".

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Isaac Hagoel

😂 you killed me.
You are right.
I still feel there is some "missing link" here... but maybe this feeling is wrong.